I have no problem with ads, if they are simple GIf animations, or small flash files. But some of the sites I visit regularly have half page 2-3MB flash ads, which, albeit a small-ish file, adds up when you load quite a few pages. Then, to top things off, if you get withing 6 inches of the stupid thing, it/they expand… » 2/08/09 3:58pm 2/08/09 3:58pm

I end sponge use by using a handy-dandy IKEA dish brush with a suction cup on the end, and a Mr.Clean Magic Eraser (off brand, of course!), that I slice in two thinner halves with an electric kitchen knife. That way, I get a nice thin sponge that wears out too quickly to harbor many germs, and I get a sterile brush… » 9/28/08 3:50pm 9/28/08 3:50pm

I just ran this on a couple of auctions that were CLEARLY scams, as well as some that could be interpreted as scams (according to the 'quiz' on the authors own web site), and they came back 'passed'. Cool app, but needs a little work... » 3/21/08 5:32pm 3/21/08 5:32pm

A little twist: instead of using Google Apps, I use a gmail account. I just have my catch-all email addresses from my domain forward anything and everything to my gmail account, then have gmail forward only the stuff with my 'secret suffix' on to my real email address. That way, it's as easy as hitting 'Home' then 'My… » 3/19/08 5:28pm 3/19/08 5:28pm

I run a free wireless connection, and I'm right by an apartment block. What I have is a sign posted in my front window with the password, as well as a redirect telling you to come get that password if you just randomly stumble across the connection. If I get sued, then so be it, but at least the sign will make it look… » 1/11/08 3:24am 1/11/08 3:24am